Ogun state ashwao

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Blog money is sweet money. One of the easiest ways to make millions. Let Google pay you. To create and design your own blog for as low as 30, naira and them make lots of money from it wisely email eremmelonline gmail. Email us at eremmelonline gmail.Ogun state was created on the 3rd of February, Abeokuta, the capital and largest urban centre, is about 90 kilometers from Lagos and kilometers from Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Vision Statement. There are also significant numbers of Nigerians from other parts of the country as well as foreign nationals.

The State has abundant natural resources that include forest and water bodies as well as large quantities of mineral deposits, such as limestone, phosphate, granite stone, gypsum, bauxite, bitumen, feldspar, clay, glass sand, kaolin, quartz, tar sand, gemstones and crude oil are available in commercial quantities. The State is the largest producer of cement in the country with 13 million metric tonnes per annum.

Ogun State is the cradle of education in Nigeria and has very high literacy rate coupled with a skilled workforce. There are 21 tertiary institutions both public and private, in the State, making it the highest in the country. Its people are very industrious and are found in all walks of life. The State is a major economic hub.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up.

Osaze S Osazuwa. Bonkieni O Cornelius. Emmanuel Nelly Akamagune. The completion of this assignment gives us much Pleasure. We would like to show our gratitude Prof P. A Odjugo, Prof M. Ashikia Mr T.

Ogun (state)

N Ezeminye for guiding us throughout the field study for our group report. We would also like to expand our deepest gratitude to all those who have directly and indirectly guided us in writing this assignment.

We also thank the the government and people of Ogun state for their hospitality for accepting us into their state. Many thanks to all the people in the department, especially our classmates and group 3 members that have made valuable comment suggestions on this report writeup and those who gave us an inspiration to complete our report write up.

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The first known Geographer to undertake a field study of a known area was Strabo. Strabo said a geographer must describe the known parts of the inhabited world and write all that he sees the way that he sees it.

On this base, Strabo was able to write detail work on places he visited during his life time which he was able to compile into 17 volumes. Field work can thus be defined as any curriculum component that involves knowing the classroom and engaging in teaching and leaving activities through firsthand experience of phenomena.

But field work can be better regarded as a sub set of the practical sciences. According to Osazuwa field work is the practical aspect of all that has been taught throughout the semester to introduce the student of geography to the natural or human environment such that they can observe firsthand the process of formation or the form the phenomena takes in real life, and to also stimulate and enhance their knowledge about the order of the phenomena.

The importance stems from the fact that no study can be done in geography without understanding a field work exercise. Specifically on this field work exercise our aims and objectives includes to carry out a study of the Abeokuta and its environs to find out the following.

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To find out the historical development of Abeokuta. To determine which process or factors played major roles in the development of Abeokuta. To study the level of urbanization in the area an outline the factors responsible for this urbanization.

ogun state ashwao

To determine the various land use in the area of study such as a To determine the recreational land use of the area Abeokuta and Imeko town with special attention to tourism. To determine the level of Agricultural development in the area and to study and understand the agencies involved in agricultural production in these area and the mechanism they employ in carrying out their duties.

To identify and deter the social economic and political impact of such various land use and development of the area and its people 7. To determine the problems of some of these activities and land use on the population or occupancy of these areas. Finally to proffer or suggest possible solution to these problems and difficulties faced and posed by each activities on the people and the area itself.This is because there is a brothel located at Plot 5 along the road, which houses sex workers.

The brothel, Inset: Banner of the church advertisement The brothel, AJIP Hotel, which shares boundary with a mosque and is located in the same compound with a church, accommodates deportees from Italy and the UK and therefore plays host to fun seekers from surrounding communities and sometimes students. As a result of people from different backgrounds that come to the hotel, there are often fights and arguments that have become second nature of the residents of the area.

However, the clash that broke out between the sex workers and some of their clients in the brothel penultimate week is still reverberating in the community. Presently, the residents lock the door of their houses early in the evening for fear of reprisal from the customers. They also fear policemen that often come to ensure peace. A resident of the community, identified simply as Bisi said the hoodlums had been having some quarrels with the sex workers before the attack.

According to her, the boys usually come for sex and after having their way with the girls, they would disagree on the charges and leave the girls without paying them. She said, "They hoodlums constantly harass the girls. The area boys fight regularly with these girls.

But that day, after drinking and having sex with the girls, they were asked to pay. Instead of paying, they started negotiating prices with them; some of them refused to pay. When the girls insisted on being paid, they flared up and started beating them up. It got to a point that bullets were fired and broken bottles were freely used. The brothel manager had no choice but to call Mobile policemen to ensure peace in the place.

Other residents of the community have also expressed concern over the continuous presence of the brothel in the community. One of the residents, who spoke on condition of anonymity said, "There are constant fights in the brothel, the majority of the boys that come here fight over girls. Whenever there is a misunderstanding between them they break bottles and even shoot into the air.

We are scared of such incidents," the resident said. He added that most of the girls are between the ages of 17 and Sometimes they fight with the boys because some of the boys go to them and after having sex they refuse to pay. It is so bad because these girls charge just N He said this was because the brothel shared the same compound with a Church and is located just beside a Mosque.

Neither the sex workers nor the manager was available to speak with our correspondent, but the spokesman for the Ogun State Police Command, Mr. Muyiwa Adejobi, DSP, said he had no information on the residents' plight. Probably it was another police station," he said. The most tolerant people on earth- mosque, church and brothel in one place, each doing their own thing, unmolested by the other.

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ogun state ashwao

AkuteOgun - 39, Alagbole Road, Akute. AkuteOgun - 40 Akute Odo Road. Ogun is a State in southwestern Nigeria with an estimated population of 3. It shares borders with Lagos state and the State capital is Abeokuta.

Due to its proximity to Lagos, many big companies are setting up shop in Ogun State so as to save cost on rents and running costs, while still operating within the same market demographic. Endeavour to compare prices for Ogun hotels and read hotel reviews so as to benefit from special offers available when you book using hotels. MENU Hotels. Chat using whatsapp web. Sign in to access exclusive member deals Sign in New here?

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ogun state ashwao

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ogun state ashwao

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Depends on where youre coming from tho. Depends on where youre coming from tho So in the whole abk, na one mobil filling station dey You ain't specific about the location. All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.

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